Friday, August 04, 2006

Softball, Beer, More Softball, More Beer

What an awesome day Thursday ended up being. Grace, Denny & Joey all played together like angels. Lots of sharing, laughter, and smiles! We went to Bob's softball game, and his team, Johnny Rotten's won. Then Bob and I brought the kids home where my brother was waiting to babysit. We headed up to Johnny Rottens to meet up with the team for a beer.
Bob asked if I wouldn't mind going to Softball World, so he could play another game at 9:30, this time with his company, Pulte. At first I wasn't that thrilled with the idea, but then he informed me that Softball World sells beer. Need I say more?
As we were walking up to the field, I see my sis-in-law Becky. She was there with her man Pete, and their friend Chris. This fired me up, because it's always a good time when we hang out. So we watched Bob's game, drank a few cold ones, then headed up to Scorekeepers to meet Timmy and Kelly.
We stayed out entirely too late, but bless my babies, they slept until 9 this morning.

Friday is here, and tonight I plan on making it a Blockbuster night.


Jennifer Lynn said...

I tried to be 21 last night and I (we) are so paying for it right now, but unfortunately our little angel decided to get up at 5:45, so you are soooo blessed!

Anonymous said...

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