Friday, September 29, 2006


January 2006 at Bob's winter gala

Today Bob & I celebrate our 6 year wedding anniversary! I feel strange posting all these pictures of us, but it is our special day :) I was laughing though because in almost every picture we are pregnant. That's how the last few years have been, having babies. I thought are lives were great before G&D, now I know what we were missing. They really add something special to every day, every minute.

X-mas 2004, Graces 1st X-mas & Denny in my belly

Vacation in St. Thomas & 6 months prego with Grace

Grandma Debbie picked the babies up at noon. Now we are chilling out, enjoying the quiet house. I thought today I would skip ahead in the book, and find some proverbial sayings on marriage:

Love is often the fruit of marriage ~ French

When husband & wife live in harmony, they can dry up the ocean without a bucket ~ Vietnamese

May 14th, 2005, our hands over Denny

On our way to Fleetwood Mac, prego with Grace

January 2005, before Bob's winter gala, Heavy D growing inside


Jennifer Lynn said...

You gave me a little tear in my eye! CONGRATS and to MANY more years! We are so happy for you and your family. Let's see, we have seen The Gilbert's and The Gruhascz's... We need to see The Keeler's now, let's plan a get together in the future. If we plan now, we will definately do it!! Spring??

The Whole Self said...

love you guys- all these pictures are so great. you both glow with love.