Sunday, October 01, 2006

Love October

Happy October! This is the Keeler's favorite month.
So let me start by sharing our fabulous anniversary night. Our dinner at Delmonico's was to die for. Truly, the best food I have ever had. If I was rich, I would eat here every night. For those of you who live in C-town, you have to try this restaurant. We started off with an oyster appetizer. Usually I don't like oysters, put these were prepared in the shell with an amazing sauce. Loved them. And we induldged in crab stuffed mushrooms.
For dinner, I had the champagne surf and turf; a small filet and lobster tail, with asparagus. Bob had a steak with an awesome horseradish sauce. The presentation was beautiful as well! For drinks, I sucked down an expresso martini. Caffeine and alcohol mixed in one is; you can't beat that.

Me and Bobby on Friday night

After dinner we met up with Becky and Pete, and some other friends at Fridays. It was such a fun night, spent with the people I love.

Saturday we slept in and then had breakfast in bed. Papa Joe dropped G&D off at 1. Thank you again Debbie and Joe for taking the kids overnight so we could celebrate. We appreciate what you guys do for us and the babies!

Smoochies for 6 years

Once the kids came home, it was play time and catch up time. They both went to bed early, as they were exhausted from their adventures at Gma and Papa's house. Saturday night was the OSU/Iowa game. We went next door and watched the Buckeyes kick butt AGAIN!

Today we did some shopping. We bought Denny a bat man costume for Halloween and a new winter coat for Gracie. After naps, Grace and I went to Mias christening party, where she played with a ton of kids and had a blast. The boys stayed home and watched the Browns game. And holy cow, the Browns won! It was a good weekend for Ohio sports.

Tomorrow Bob has to leave for Detroit :( He will be there until Thursday night, so this is going to be a long week.

Sunday's proverbial saying is about Authenticity:

The shadow should be the same length as the body ~ Indonesian
Cutting off a mule's ears doesn't make it a horse ~ Creole
Cows have no business in horseplay ~ Jamaican

Grace taking her own picture

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Jennifer Lynn said...

Sounds like you had a FAB anniversary, Congrats and to many more years!