Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Gray Sky Morning

Denny in his Colorado hat from Aunt Dannie
Today is rainy, so our fun options are limited. We went to the gym at 9 this morning, then came back home and played inside for a couple of hours, until nap time. Even I took a short nap today. It's one of those days that are very conducive to sleep. This afternoon, me and Grace went shopping, while Denny stayed home with my brother. Grace needed a new pair of shoes, so we went to Target. Her obsession this month is the Disney Princess, so those are the new tennis shoes she got. She's been the happiest girl in the world since we came home with them.

Grace feeding Denny lunch today

Tonight is the Big Brother finale. (Jen, I know you are as excited as Bob and I.) Then I'm taking a hot bubble bath before Nip/Tuck starts. That's my big plans.

Denny has been talking like crazy lately. The past week, he has added some new words to his vocabulary: GO (while he points his finger in the air,) BACKPACK (since Grace got a dora talking backpack,) and MORE MILK. The boy is growing and developing so fast, we can barely keep up here.

That's all folks. Hope you are all having a happy week.

Hmm, what diapers to get?


Kara said...

I LOVE the pic in their fotolog with Denny in his "Chick Magnet" shirt. I really wanted to get it for Nolan, but they didn't have his size at our Target. :( Maybe someday I will get my blog going. I am still working on it! But for now, pics and accomplishments will have to come thru email! Also, love your pics at the bar for the OSU game. Made me want to be back in Columbus. I did hear on the radio Monday that off campus kids were burning couches because of the victory. I guess the more things change, the more things stay the same!!:) Go Bucks!

Jennifer Lynn said...

BB was great and now I am super sad that it is over. You reminded me of Nip/Tuck, I hope it recorded last night, now I can look forward to watching that tonight. I thought for sure that after the speeches given some of the jury members were voting for Erika, but alas Mike won. He really didn't need the money though he owns 6 restaurants. I was super mad that Chicken George didn't win the 25G though, he needed it the most. Enough of my ranting!