Sunday, September 10, 2006


Pete, Bob & Becky, Celebrating after an Ohio State TD
Yes, we did it! OSU beat the poop out of Texas. IN TEXAS. Paybacks baby! What a great game. What a great time. We watched the game at our favorite neighborhood bar, Scorekeepers. Bob's brother Tim went up there at 4pm to reserve seats. Thank you Timmy. . We had the best seats in the house, although no one sat for a second. The place was filled with OSU fans, wearing scarlet and gray. Ohio State songs played loud and proud, as everyone sang along and cheered. I felt like I was in Columbus again, back in my college days. The game was over by 11:30, and we had to get home b/c my mom was babysitting, and it was way past her bedtime. Becky and Pete came back over, and we ordered a pizza, played a game of you know what, and went to bed.

Buckeyes victory celebration

So what else happened this weekend? Lots of play time, outside time with the family. Lots of love, lots of laughs. All around goodness (the opposite of my last post, thank goodness bad moods pass fast.) Bob and I spent a lot of QT together. Our 6 year anniversary is coming up on the 29th, and we are trying to figure out what we are going to do. Last year was the big 5, and we spent the night in a beautiful suite in Windsor, Canada at the casino there. This year we'll probably do a nice dinner somewhere.

Me sportin' an OSU helmet

Saturday I got a hair cut. I wasn't able to give it to locks of love because 10 inches would have brought my hair up to my nose, and Tracy said there was no way she was doing that to my hair. I actually argued with her because I said I didn't care. My hair grows fast and I wanted to do it. She wouldn't and that was that. I do like how it looks though, actually love it. It feels so light and healthy, I feel like a new woman.

Bobby being Bobby :)

Back to football, the Browns started the season today against New Orleans. We lost, but didn't look too bad. I wasn't able to watch a lot of the game, as the kids were in full force. I didn't mind though. I love the Browns, I have to to love the Browns. But my passion is college football. It was the perfect day for football today. Sunny but cool and windy out.

Becky, Brutus & Bob

We all know tomorrow marks 5 years since 9/11. I spent this morning reading all the stories in the Sunday paper, and I cried. It still makes me cry. It breaks my heart, all the people who lost their lives, the babies who lost their moms and dads, the moms and dads who lost their children, the wives and husband who lost their spouses, the friends who lost their friends. I still pray for them and I always will.

Me and Bobby Magee

Before I sign out, Grace and Denny want to wish a Happy Grandparents day to their GMAS and GPAS. Sending lots of love, hugs, and kisses!!!

We have no idea who this girl is, but we loved her shirt

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Jennifer Lynn said...

I love you hair, it looks so perky and healthy! It looks like you had a blast this weekend, good for you! We celebrated Ro's big 31 on Saturday and did some shopping therapy on Sunday!