Saturday, September 02, 2006


Heavy D and his newest head wound

Today the Buckeyes start their season. We have spent the morning teaching G&D OSU cheers! Next, we have to head up to Target and get them some Buckeyes apparel. Their outfits from last season no longer fit.

Uncle Eric will be arriving at 6 tonight. We are planning on having a get together with the neighbors. Speaking of neighbors, last night Bob and I played Cornhole against Steve and Jalissa next door. No one had any money, so the loser of the game has to cut the other persons grass. Bob and I pulled out a win, so Steve-O will be cutting the Keeler's lawn any minute now.

Before I go, I have to wish Carrie a Happy Dirty 30! Have a great b/day! You'r gift will be a Buckeyes victory!

Grace giving Daddy a head rub this morning


Kara said...

GO BUCKS!!! Watchin' the BUCKS kick some butt, drinkin' some of YOUR local Burning River Ale, watchin' the kiddos cheer for the bucks in their jerseys and cheerleader could'nt get much better!!!!GO BUCKS!(i'll email you the pics later!)Got Ginn??!!!!

Jennifer Lynn said...

You guys are as crazy about the BUCKS as we are about the Yankees! State unity!!! Have a great weekend, unfortunatelt it is raining here yuck!