Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Soup To Warm The Heart

On our way to the store
Today is the perfect day for home-made soup. It's cold, rainy and all around blah. So me and the babes headed to the store this morning to get all the goodies we needed to make some veggie & beef soup. This recipe is from Bob's family. The first time his mom made it for me, I fell in love. So tonight is going to be a night of endless soup, a hot bubble bath and a good book. Maybe even some hot chocolate if I feel like getting real crazy.

The start of something good

My favorite ingredient

On to "A World Treasury of Folk Wisdom." Today is Ambition:

You jump, but you come down all the same ~ Martinican

Go for it ~ American

Happy Hump day. The weekend is nearing. And if anyone cares, Kenny Chesney is on Best Damn Sports Show tonight :)

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Jennifer Lynn said...

Is this a secret recipe or can you share?? We love soup!