Thursday, October 19, 2006

Back 2 Normal

Starting today is boo at the zoo. From 5:30 - 8:30, until Sunday, they have a Halloween party at the zoo for the kids. They get to dress up and get candy, and all that good stuff. We hope to make it their tonight or some night this weekend. The only thing is, I haven't shown Grace her Princess costume yet because she will want to live in it. Which is fine after Halloween night, but until then, I want to keep it in decent shape. So if I bring it out this weekend for Boo at the Zoo, odds are, it will be pretty torn up for the 31st.

I snuck up on Grace in her tent to get this

Grace, who used to be a camera hog, is not letting me take her picture anymore. Whenever I bring the camera out, she either covers her face or shuts her eyes. So if I am lacking G pictures on here, that is why :)

See what I mean

My friend Jen from good old Watertown shared her recipe with me for tortilla soup and i made a batch for dinner last night. The whole family loved it! Thanks Jen.

I finally snapped out of my funky funk yesterday afternoon. The headache is gone and my energy has returned. It feels good to be back.

Is anyone else having trouble uploading photos to blogger? It's driving me mad. Some days there's no problems, other days it takes 10 tries before my pictures upload. I have a cute picture of Denny I've been trying to get on here all morning and it's not letting me. Seriously annoying!!

Project Runway finale last night. My boy Michael was the first to leave the runway. But it was still an awesome season and even though Jeffrey is a cocky b, I think he's an amazing designer.

Today's sayings are on Conduct of Life. The first one is one of my favorites. I remember reading it years ago, and it's simple, but so right on.

Do good and then do it again ~ Welsh

A day is lost if one has not laughed ~ French

As long as you live, keep learning how to live ~ Latin

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Jennifer Lynn said...

I am completely having a hard time uploading pics and it is frustrating!!! I'm so happy that you enjoyed the soup, I think the chips and cheese on top make the soup! I'll pass along some more soup recipes, I have a ton! We are a soup family!