Wednesday, October 18, 2006


This was the view we had on our hayride:) And pretty much how I've been feeling

So here's how my week's been going. I still don't have a lick of energy. Since Monday, I have had none. On top of that, since Monday, I literally feel like my head is about to explode. It is pounding all over and won't stop. My kids are constantly screaming, so I am constantly screaming, (although that isn't the cause of the aching head, it's just not helping.)
I went to the store yesterday, which took 4 hours of mental and physical prep before I left the house, to get some soup ingredients. A lady cut infront of me in the deli line, another lady banged her cart in my back, then the check out lady screamed at me for entering the wrong code for my onion. I swear I thought I was on a hidden camera show or something. This all occurred within 20 minutes. I'm not even going to mention what G&D were acting like through this all.
Sorry for a not so happy blog this hump day, but it's been one of those days/weeks so far. I do keep thinking about the woman who spoke last week at Mums group. Her hard days were HARD DAYS, one's that I could not even imagine. So I'm using her words, her inspiration, her guidelines to get out of this funk. Focus on the good things that have happened, and are happening each day. Take the bad and understand that it's all part of something bigger, and there is always a positive to it all. You may not see it yet, but you will.

Comparable Worth is the Proverbial saying:
If you think your bundle of dirty clothes is too heavy, try picking up your neighbors ~ Virgin Islander
Being happy is better than being king ~ West African
It's better to sleep on the floor of an incense shop than in a bed in a fishmarket ~ Vietnamese


Jennifer Lynn said...

Positive thoughts are headed your way. I hope that my soup helps to make you feel better. Chop up the chilies too, then they won't be so powerful in one spoonful! I think I may do a couple of recipes tomorrow, I'll have to dig through the bin and find the best for you! Feel free to steel the idea and share some of your favorites as well!

The Whole Self said...

oh amanda, i'm really wishing we were neighbors! i've been having the same kind of week, but trying hard to just live and get over it. my kidlets have been "pieces of work" (aka POW's) and i'm been a crank. seriously, if we were neighbors, i think we could battle the week together (with the help of coffee, of course) :)

power to you, mama! it will be the weekend soon enough. xo