Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Self Portrait Challenge: Imperfection

So I went over to the Self Portrait Challenge page this morning to see what the current challenge was. And here is what I read:
Look beyond the surface of your life, dig into your imperfect self and reveal it to us. I want to see the down and dirty you, the messy, gross and ugly you, the side of yourself that you always try to hide, give us some insight into your dreadful secrets. This can be your physical self or your personal space or within your wider life. Be not afraid!

Yikes. My first challenge and I will admit, I am afraid. Who wants to post and blog about imperfections. I was not going to do it, then I remembered a week ago today, I vowed to start. So here it is. Smoking. My imperfection.
Obviously I am aware that smoking is harmful to my health. I know what it can do to my body, I know it makes me stink, I know it is expensive and there are other things I should be doing with my money. I know it is the most disgusting habit in the world. I WANT TO QUIT. I have tried to quit many times. Only twice have I been successful, and that was during each of my pregnancies. I NEVER smoke in my house or anywhere near my children.
On a positive note, there is a date this month that Bob and I have designated as our day to stop. This will be it. We have promised to one another and promised that if for nothing else, we are quitting for our children. We want to be around for them for a very long time. How selfish are we that we can't quit for them? So I'm not going to share the date, but I will share a success story very soon.


Georgia said...

Quitting smoking SUCKS!!! I did it about 7 years ago... Gheeeeee!!!! Everytime I smell a cigarette I saddle up next to the owner of said cigarette and inhale deeply... bad I know. Second hand smoke and all.... but mmmmm, it sure does smell GOOD!!! Until it gets stale... then its icky.

Your kids are the cutest ever! And the soup you made sounds yummy... I need an easy recipe for something like that.



The Whole Self said...

hey- what a brave post mama. you packed a punch for your first SPC.

to post your link, you first need to register (an option if you scroll down the page a bit) and then login. then there will be an option called "add your link". if you need more help, let me know. it can be confusing at first.


Jennifer Lynn said...

I love your new site, it is so pretty! I would love to back you up to quit smoking and it is easy for me to say just stop, but when you are into something so deep someone on the outside can't understand how hard it must be. I'm rooting for you!