Friday, November 03, 2006


I love the leftovers of Halloween. When I whip out my bag of trix, I mean big ass bag of candy, Grace & Denny go out of their little minds! Both of them see it and start dancing and smiling larger than life. This is the only time Denny actually gets up in the air when he jumps. I need to catch it on video somehow. Maybe hide the video camera next time the goodies come out.
So it is Friday, and I feel good! So far this week we have saved atleast $50. That rocks!!!! And I'm not coughing my brains out all night and feeling crazy pressure in my lungs. 6 days and I can BREATHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was walking behind the fam b/c I stopped to look at shoes. I catch up, & I see them walking together, holding hands.
Tonight we are going out to dinner then hitting Blockbuster for some movies. I might even get crazy and have a couple glasses of vino. The scanner is now hooked up and working, so I'm going to be testing it out this weekend. I need to take my Halloween pics in and then I'll post them.
Jen at Charltons World a recipe for Beef Stroganoff (stroke me off...hahaha) last week and I made it last night. It was awesome. Thanks Jen, I'm loving all the recipe's you've been sharing.

I hope you all have good weekends and it goes by nice and slow.

Proverbial saying, DIFFERENCES:

Even children of the same mother look different ~ Korean

Each bay, its own wind ~ Fijian

Different fields, different grasshoppers; different seas, different fish ~ Indonesian

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Jennifer Lynn said...

I'm soooooooooo happy that you enjoy my recipes. I need to find them in my kitchen renovation mess and get some new ones out. Any requests for a certain kind of recipe you are looking for?