Thursday, November 02, 2006


You can see Denny's newest battle wound; scraped nose & black eye from falling when we were playing outside Wednesday

Today is the 5th day w/out a stogie. I know I'm most likely annoying, writing about this. But that's what people do when they are in the process of obsess about it. Really, it's on my mind all day. So that being the case, I must blog about it.
We feel like we have so much extra time now that we aren't smoking. It's weird, smoking only takes, let's say, 7 minutes. I was smoking 10 -15 a day, so that does add up to approx. an hour and a half.
I've been to the gym every day this week, and have been rocking the cardio for atleast 30 minutes. Usually longer, plus my strength training and other stuff, so my workouts have been extended to about 90 minutes.
Brushin' this morning after breakfast

Last night Bobby took me and the babes out to dinner to our favorite Italian restaurant, Bucci's. This place is so delicious, and G&D always love going there. I don't wan't to jinx myself here, but Grace and Den are always so good in restaurants. They always have been, whatever age/stage they are in. Guess they just like going out to din-din.
So anyway, this week has flown by. It's almost the weekend. No plans, no problems.
Today Grace told me that she was "growing up." Out of nowhere, she came up to me and said I'm growing up Momma. I said excuse me while I go in the bathroom and cry my eyes out.
I don't know where she comes up with some of this stuff
Destiny is the next word from the Folk Wisdom book:
The fated thing will happen ~ Gaelic
If you are fated to drown, you may die in a teaspoon of water ~ Yiddish
Even the stone you trip on is part of your fate ~ Japanese


The Whole Self said...

i'm so proud of you mama. i give you so much credit for doing what you're doing.


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Jennifer Lynn said...

You are doing great and you blog as much as you'd like about quitting. I always feel better when I write about how I'm feeling!