Saturday, November 25, 2006

Scanner Check

My Dad's graduation photo
Mom & Dad on their wedding day

My Dad around the age of 5 or 6

I think I mentioned that Bob bought me a scanner for my bday. That was 2 months ago. We had a hard time getting it hooked up, once we did, we were super busy and didn't have time to play with it. Next thing I know, it's sitting in the basement and I haven't used the gift that I begged for. I am trying to get things back to normal over here, our schedules have been out of whack. So tonight I played with it for a bit. I have a big book of photos from my dad, and thought I'd do a test run. Looks like it's working and now I'm excited to share with you all the pictures and stories from back in the day before digital camera's were around.


The Whole Self said...

what a great face! how special that you have all those photos...perfect memories.

can't wait to see what else you have to scan!

Jennifer Lynn said...

I love old photos, basically photos in general, but these are great and it is so great to have you back. Keep them coming!

Jennifer Lynn said...

Did you ever get anything in the mail from me???

Kara said...

I love seeing the old pictures! I too am anxious to see what else you may include. Pleae, no incriminating pictures from college!!