Monday, November 06, 2006


This month's Self Portrait Challenge is GLAM. Much lighter and much more fun than last month's imperfections.
I am a lip stick junkie. Love the stuff, and I rarely leave home without it. I'm the rude girl re-applying at the dinner table. I'm the friend who will borrow your glossy goodness twenty times in one night. I can't's an addiction.
Usually I wear simple, light shades; neutrals or maybe a pink color. I've been wearing the same colors for years now. Boring!!
So at the store the other day, I saw this red color by Jane. #19 - Superstar. I had to have it. And I feel glamorous baby when I wear it.
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Bedazzzled1 said...

This is wonderful! I love the way your hair falls across your face, but your beautiful smile and new lipstick stand out.

By the way, excellent lipstick color choice for you!

The Whole Self said...

hey sexymama

love the spc pic, and the new lipstick

mwah! xo

Deb R said...

This is funny because I went out and bought RED lipstick for this challenge too. :-) Love your result. You look so happy!

Jecca said...

I Love your glam pic. So bright and eye-catching.

Uber Mer said...

I too am a lip-product junkie. I feel like I would absolutely die if I was ever without lipgloss. It's funny - I always find chapsticks and lipglosses in my coat pockets from the previous winter : )

Wonderful photo!

Georgia said...

I love this, it is soooo happy and the color is to die for!