Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Denny pushing Grace to the side so he can dunk

Oh so good

Sharing the goodness of the dunk

My little piggies

So you can see that my wonderful children have mastered the art of eating an OREO cookie. Thanks to Dad, they have it down like pro's! It is no doubt the messiest snack in the world, but if they love it, it's worth it. There is something so sweet about watching their little fingers pry apart the cookie, then lick the icing, then do the dunk. They watched Bob do it once or twice, and now it's the only way they will eat one. Precious.

Today is election day.....thank goodness. I am so sick of the ad's on TV and the ad's polluting my front porch and over filling my mail box. And let me not forget the phone calls....the endless amount of calls that can come anywhere between 7am and 9 at night. Enough already.

I need some new music. My ipod is full of songs that I adore, but I am looking for something new. If anyone knows of any cool bands/songs, please share with me. I like every type of music, so don't be shy.

It has been 10 days since me and Bob have smoked! Rock on! We are in the double digits now. Still not getting any easier, but from people who I have spoken with, they say it really never does. I know, how encouraging :)

So I am on page 47 in the Folk Wisdom book, and it is about Education:

The one who teaches is the giver of eyes ~ Asian Indian

Even a thief takes 10 years to learn his trade ~ Japanese

Learning makes people fit company for themselves ~ English


Jennifer Lynn said...

Oreos are my all time favorite snack!

As far as new songs, I'm hooked on the songs from Grey's Anatomy: How to Save a Life and Chasing Cars. I also just downloaded some old school stuff like Stone Temple Pilots, POD, Green Day, and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Georgia said...

Ok.... music....

Joshua Radin (Yummy to the MAX!!!)
Regina Spektor
Kate Havnevik (In particular the song "Grace" which as a response to Jennifer Lynn's comment is a a song that was on Grey's... Fab show with GREAT music!!)
Jonatha Brooke (one of my alltime favorites)
Ani Difranco.... (You just can't go wrong there)
Wicked The Musical (If you like that kind of music... I love it....)
Plumb (their older stuff)
Cowboy Junkies...

Hrmmmm.... I have sooo many more but my mind is not working... OH Paris Hilton!!! I am totally joking about that... just trying to make ya laugh again:)