Saturday, November 11, 2006


Today is Veterans Day. If you want to see what's going on in your community to honor our Vets, click here....
As long as the rain stops, I think we are going to head over to Tri-C college. They are having a ceremony at 1:00 .
I love Saturday mornings. I'm sitting here with a big, hot cup of coffee. Grace is eating blueberry pancakes and begging for me to put her Cinderella movie in. The boys are still sleeping. I'm a nerd, sitting here typing away again. This wireless thing is trouble. I see the laptop sitting here, so I have to pick it up, right? Last night I didn't see one second of X-men because I was on this thing, looking at blogs. When the movie ended, Bob just looked at me. I just wasted another 2 hours and had no idea. It felt like I was on here for 20 minutes, not 120 minutes. Ooops, sorry babe.
Today marks 2 weeks of no smoking for me and Bobby. That's approximately 280 cigarettes I DID NOT put into my body over the past 14 days. That makes me feel good.
P.S. Nina Beana ~ I'll get that book out to you this week :)


Jennifer Lynn said...

Keep up the non-smoking. It i s amazing how many cigs you used to ingest in a week. Crazy stuff!

Georgia said...

Woo Hooo!!! 2 weeks is FABULOUS!!! Good for you guys, keep going with it.


Jennifer Lynn said...

Where have you been??? It's TH and I haven't heard from you all week??