Friday, November 10, 2006

Another Week Down

I've been bloggin' a lot lately, even if it's short and sweet, with some pictures thrown in. The reason Y is b/c we have wireless, so I can sit upstairs with the lap top now and write when I want, instead of the whole production of trying to sneak downstairs.
Thursday night we went to dinner @ outback, to get out for a tad and to see Timmy. Timmy was actually off, but we still had a great dinner. While there, my hubby of 6 years, b/friend of 12 years looked at me and said, "U look pretty tonight." OMG... melt my heart. Maybe some of you un-married folk, or single peeps may think, "he should say that." But lets get real.... I don't tell him every night how handsome I think he looks. I think it, believe me. But rarely do I say it. That's life, it's hard to fit in between the crazy munchkins. So that was cute and warmed my heart.
What didn't warm my heart was our waitress. She was a biatch. We always order 1 meal and split it for the kids. Not b/c we are cheap, but we don't want to waste food. They never even finish it when they split. Then we ordered just appetizers for Bob and I. Hello, our bill still ended up being over 50$.... but this lady literally rolled her eyes at us and treated us like dirt. She didn't even bring out bread for us. Sorry we weren't hungry for steak. Then at the end she said, u should have told me u were Tims brother. She saw us talking and overheard us with some of Timmy's friends. So I'm sure she felt like shit, especially after we left and she saw the tip we left her...super sized, just to make her feel like a jerk.
The other night I went to Amazon to do some book shopping. I came upon "No One Cares What You Had for Lunch," 100 ideas for your blog. I was bored and I bought it. It arrived Thursday and I read it in 1 hour, while the kids were sleeping. I'm sorry, but it is a lame book. I should know better...these type of books are always lame to me, like self-help books. They never work for me. I've talked to a few people who said they learned a lot from the book, but I personally didn't. If anyone wants it, let me know and I'll send it to you.
Happy happy Friday to everyone. We have another weekend w/out plans! Love it! Tonight we rented the new X-men movie & United 93. I have a big bottle of wine in the fridge, and dinner prepared by Stouffer's in the freezer. Next weekend is going to be a big one...Ohio State/Michigan game and Dad & Donna Keeler in town from Florida. Can't wait!


The Whole Self said...

hey chica-
if you send me your new bookie, i'll send you a treat...wanna swap? even though i know it's lame, i still need some inspiration (even if it's bad)- it would be worth a lookie for me.

love the bob comment- i totally know what you mean. heart meltin' for sure.


Jennifer Lynn said...

Your moment with Bob reminded me of a moment Ro and I had. Last week Ro emailed me to tell me how much he appreciates me and how all the things I do around the house make his life so much easier. It melted me heart as well. We've got great guys don't we!