Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Happy Holidays

My boy & his new guitar

Where do I start? First off, I hope you all had a beautiful, wonderful Christmas!!!

Hair cut for Aerial

Dancin' @ Uncle George's

On x-mas eve we went to Bobs uncle George's house. We saw lots of family that we never see enough. Usually only once or twice a year. So it was nice to get caught up with everyone. After Uncle George's we went over to Becky & Pete's house. The kids opened up presents and played for a good couple of hours. We got home around 11 and the kids crashed out. Then it was work time for Bob & I. We were up until almost 3am putting together toys. Then Grace woke at 7:30am on Christmas morning, ready to see what Santa had brought. Of course we had to wake Denny up. He would have slept until noon if we let him.

X-mas cookies @ Aunt Beckie's

G&D loved all their toys, and we loved watching them open each present, so excited to see what's inside. We did learn a lesson though. Next year, we aren't going to buy SOOOO much stuff. I think Bob and I were super psyched this year b/c Grace was really into it. Now we know, a couple of gifts is more than enough. Plus everyone else spoils them rotten :)

Later in the morning we headed over to my moms house for breakfast and more toys than you can imagine. There were gifts overflowing! My favorite being (and this was for bob and i) home made greeting cards from my Auntie Donna. I will scan some of the photos that she took and put them up here one of these days. Thank you Auntie Donna.

3am x-mas morning; presents wrapped, assembled & ready to go

Christmas evening Tim, Kelly & Joey came over. We also got a call from Florida, and Grace was able to talk to Grandma & Grandpa Keeler. Then our friends Jessica and Leo came by and we played some bowling on the Nintendo until 1am. So today we are exhausted and ready for a good nights sleep.

Bob & his Wii

I know I have more to write, but I really am to tired to even put a sentence together. I will share more (& less condensed) X-mas stories through out the week.


Jennifer Lynn said...

It sounds like you had a fabulous holiday! I can't believe that you were up until 3am and then got back up at 7am. You two are champs!

Jennifer Lynn said...

Do I ever remember our New Years, one then one. We all knew how to party back then. What great memories we have with you and Bob and then whole VAC crew. It is amazing that many of us still keep in touch. I promise to dig out some old pics and scan them when I get back to work and have a scanner.

Jennifer Lynn said...

I meant more then one! I should really proofread!!!