Thursday, December 28, 2006


I went out with the girls last night. Simone is in town from Florida, so we all got together at the Blue Moose. I have never seen Bob so excited to see me go. He had the whole night to himself and his wii.
I had a blast, as usual. My friends are hilarious, I wish everyone could spend an evening with them. You really forget about all the "stuff" going on in life and just laugh and have fun. No worries.
Today I am a lazy slug. But the kids are playing nicely with all their new toys and Bob is only working for a few hours today. I don't even feel guilty about my lack of motivation today. Everything has been so hectic & busy lately, it's nice to just do nothing!

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Jennifer Lynn said...

A night out with the girls is just what the doctor ordered sometimes. I'm going to be lazy tomorrow, Seth is going to the sitters and my mom and I are going to the movies! Can't wait for a little R&R and quiet for a few hours.