Monday, December 04, 2006

Self Portrait Challenge: RED

Here is this months SPC:
RED: What better way to finish off the year than with a cheer. And red is the perfect colour for it.
Red is a colour charged with emotion - fierce and stongly felt emotion. Extreme feelings, hot tempers, blood and violence. Red is the colour of radical barbaric deeds, and of love and passion. Red expresses energy and fire and excitement and exhaustion. Red is excessive and rich and hot and sexual and exciting. Red is fun and fruity and luscious and sexy. Red is the colour of desire, of anger and of power.
So Red - go forth and show us what you have - have a little fun - its the holiday season after all.

I was super excited when I saw this challenge. Red is one of my favorite colors, therefore I have lots of red things and many ideas floating in my head for this challenge. I was so excited that I went to take some pictures on Monday afternoon. This student was going to do the assignment early.

So enough with the writing, the anticipation, you want to see what I have don't you? Well I hope you love this red font because that's all your gonna get. My camera, my dear camera, the one I never leave home with out, the one that is always ready to snap some pictures, capture some broke. I am sick to my stomach over this. I have been trying to fix it for the past 24 hours, and nothing is working. I am a lost soul without it. I'm not trying to be dramatic either, this is serious stuff. So you will be getting some old pics on here until I get this fixed. (And my scanner is acting goofy too..what is going on?)


Kara said...

So sorry to hear about your camera! I know how much I get my camera out, and I should probably get it out more ofter!! I would feel lost without mine too. Hopefully you will get it fixed soon. If you have to get a new one, let me know what you are looking at; I would like to look into getting a new one soon.

Jennifer Lynn said...

I feel for you, I am totally lost without my camera. I hope that you fix it because replacing it could get a little pricey. Love the red type though.