Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Surprise attack

I am one happy, happy woman right now.
My superman, super-fab hubby fixed the camera. I went 24 hours without it and I missed my little Kodak DX3900 more than I thought possible.

I heart her eyes

Here's the funny part. He spent a good amount of time messing around with it, checking the batteries, the memory card, etc, etc... After awhile he said, "babe, we've had this camera for 5 years now. I think it's finally crapped out. At least we got a lot of use out of it and for sure got our moneys worth." Oh, my broken heart. When I heard this, all I'm thinking is if Bob can't fix it, there's no fixing to be done. Then I asked him if we could bury it in the backyard and hold a prayer service. I won't tell you his response.

D's new battle wound on the cheek, and chocolate on the nose

Then I (jokingly) said to Grace, "thanks for dropping my camera on the hard wood floors and breaking it." Bob's eyes lit up. Next thing I know, he takes the camera and throws it on the carpet. Then he proceeds to drop it on our coffee table. I'm watching this all in disbelief. Leave my poor, broken camera alone already. Let her rest in peace.

Mama and baby boy

Well who would of thunk it? After he abused my Kodak, the thing started working again. I couldn't believe it. I was so thrilled I walked around the house taking pictures of EVERYTHING. I never want to take advantage of my camera ever again.

And, I know I have had this camera for years, but I never knew I could take sepia and b/w pictures. I figured that out yesterday when I was messing with all the options and trying to fix it. Sepia photos are my favorite, so expect to see lots of them coming your way.

Me & my girl


Jennifer Lynn said...

So happy that you fixed your camera. I couldn't live without mine. Thanks for the advice ie: milk. Read my current blog to see my response. Sorry about your giftie, I'm super mad!

The Whole Self said...

i love these pictures...they are so amazing! and i'm so happy to hear that your camera is back in working order. and i love how bob finally fixed it- priceless!