Thursday, December 07, 2006


Breakfast @ Grandma's

MMM, real pancakes

Wednesday morning Bob kicked me and the kids out of the house so he could install our new window. We put a bow window in our front room. The results are fabulous. It looks so pretty and feels much warmer in our house (the front window was the last original window in the house, and you could feel the cold air seeping through it.)
While the window was being installed, me and the kids went to my moms for breakfast. She made us pancakes. My kids were amazed that Grandma's pancakes didn't come out of the microwave like ours do. Then I left for awhile and did some shopping for the kids x-mas clothes. I bought the cutest outfits for them. I might dress them up tonight and try to get the shot for our x-mas cards.
Our tree is up! We put it up on Wednesday night, and even put a train around the bottom. I know, what were thinking with the train? It looks cool and Bob and I were so excited about it. Let me tell you that little elves were pulled off (that were screwed onto the train) before the train was even put together. Once the train started moving, it was off the track before the 1st lap.

X-mas Shoes

Today was the first snowy, snowy day of the winter. I know what lies ahead...more snow, more cold for the next few months. That means lots of time stuck in the house, which tends to drive me mad. Cabin fever. I get it, the kids get it. I know I can still go out and about with them, but it is such a long, exhausting process trying to get 2 kids bundled up, cars warmed, layers removed once at our destination, layers and coats, hats, and mittens back on, etc...

My camera is "working" again, but I've noticed that a lot of my pictures are coming out fuzzy, and if there is any light in the back round, it is blurred. I can deal with that though. Plus I have my other really nice camera (not digital) that I don't use enough.

Getting the train ready for take off

I spent much of the day today sneaking out toys from G&D's room. This is a process Bob and I have been working on for a month now. They have so many toys, but majority is junk, or parts & pieces from formerly "good" toys. We need to make room for all the new stuff that Santa will be bringing.
Here's a quick i was sitting here typing, Grace came up to me and said "Mommy, Denny has diarrhea and he stinks." So I went into the room where they were playing, and sure enough, he had a blow out and it was all over his shirt and pants. Oh the luxury of parenting. It is never ending.


Jennifer Lynn said...

I am so spoiled now, Seth seems to poop at the sitters during the week so no poopies for me this week. I am feeling the cabin fever as well and I so long for our walks outside. At least we can always walk the mall if we have to.

The Whole Self said...

aaaah- blow out! hilarious.

love your xmas stories. wish i could see your house and sip some brew (coffee or otherwise) with you.

and i heart grace's shoesies!

Jennifer Lynn said...

I'm so happy that you got our card and liked it. It is for kiddie and dog lovers everywhere!