Saturday, January 20, 2007


I signed up with google ad sense. I thought, why not. It doesn't hurt. Although I know some people hate blogs with ads. If you are one of them, PLEASE don't stop reading Keeler's Korner. Just don't click on the ads. Ignore them if you will.
Ever since I started this blog, I've been curious as to which ad's google would place here. For those of you not familiar w/ google AdSense, they place ad's relevant to your blogs content. After I signed up, the very first ad was "Are you Hot." Click here to find out.
I guess because in my intro/description I mentioned that I have "hot" friends, google ads thought that would be a good ad for my blog. Hilarious! Then later they placed an ad for mucus! Yes, slimy mucus, thanks to Denny's croup. So don't be shy, click on an ad, any ad, and make me a few cents. I would do it for you!

It's a snowy Saturday here in Cleveland. A weekend without any big plans, we've been thinking about taking the kids ice skating, sledding or skiing. Take advantage of the snow instead of hiding out in the house like we (I) would normally (preferably) do.

Kudos to Grace. She has been doing great with potty training. We figured out what we have to do. We put a diaper on Denny, then put Batman underwear over his diaper. So Grace thinks he is wearing underwear and then she wants to wear her princess (surprise) underwear. Every time that I have to change Denny, I make sure to distract Grace so she isn't in the room. If she saw the diaper under Denny's underwear, this potty training thing would go back to square one. And that would suck!


Jennifer Lynn said...

I thought I was the only one up at this god awful hour. Love your potty training tips. I'm sure that I will be asking for advice in a year or so. I fear that Seth will grow out of diapers before he is ready to train. He is in a size 5 and they only go to size 6 AHHH!

Mad Munkey said...

Interesting concept. I wonder what they'd put on my blog. I write some strange stuff sometimes. I've had some good rants. lol Thanks for making me think.