Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Blah Blah Blah

Passed out Monday afternoon
It's Tuesday, which would normally be a Self Portrait Challenge post. But this month's theme is resolutions, and I don't make resolutions, so I have to gracefully bow out this month.

Denny attacking me this morning

I'm not getting into the Buckeye's loss. I'm too bummed and too annoyed at how we played last night. I will mention though that I enjoyed watching the game with everyone who came by. Good company, bad game.

Here's looking at You

Tonight Bob and I are going to the play house to see Of Mice & Men. Finally! I bought these ticketes like 6 - 8 months ago. I hope it's a goodie.


Kara said...

Have fun tonight!! I haven't been to see a play since we lived in Idaho! I would love to go again soon. The last time I was in a theater house it was to see The Wiggles, wish I could see something not PG rated *sigh*
The game sucked! 'Nough said! By the way, love Grace's room. I remember when Chloe first started to get into the whole princess thing, it looked like Disney had vomited at her B-day party! Tell her Happy 'late' Birthday!

Jennifer Lynn said...

I'm feeling rather blah myself. I long for the spring and summer to be outside. Have a great time at your play, it sounds like fun. We haven't been to a play in a while!

The Whole Self said...

have a great time! holy ticket price! you better get the show of your life :) just kidding..it's going to be great, i'm sure. i'm actually pretty jealous!

and seriously, how do you get your kids to pass out in the strangest of places?