Thursday, January 25, 2007


Well they got me. I've been walking around the past week feeling just fine. Spending my time nursing Denny, then Grace, then Bob back to health. Everyone is finally WELL and life is back to normal.
Yeah, right. I woke up this morning and my throat is sore, my ears hurt, I feel like garbage. The munchkins and Bob shared their germs with me, and now I'm hit. I need to get better and do it today, so I can be ready for the gala tomorrow night. I have to have my A game on, and that's not easy when you feel like a bag of poop.

Have I mentioned lately how awesome my hubby is? He surprised me with an overnight stay at the hotel where the gala is. And it is a gorgeous hotel downtown. So we can get ready there, sleep in on Saturday morning and enjoy some (overpriced) breakfast in bed. Plus we don't have to worry about driving home. Who wants to think about driving after 6 hours of an open bar?
Not I.


Jennifer Lynn said...

Grace has the cutest cheeks, I just want to squeeze them. I hope that you feel better by tomorrow, you want to enjoy your night out and away. I can't wait to see pics of you two all dressed up and snazzy!

Tara said...

Great pictures...hope you are well soon and enjoy the gala :)

The Whole Self said...

hope you're feeling better!