Sunday, January 28, 2007


Oh yeah! Bob usually isn't lucky when it comes to winning stuff. Obviously, he's lucky in love since he won my heart over 12 years ago :) But anyway, he is lucky when it comes to winning things at his company events. As you can see from the above picture, he won the grand prize Friday night. A 42 inch plasma TV! The first year he walked away with a Bahamas trip, staying at the Atlantis Resort. Last year he won a trip for us to Vegas, staying at the Bellagio. This year a big ass TV. You have to love that. I know we do. So thank you Pulte Homes!

This was the view from our room. That's the justice center, behind that is Cleveland Browns Stadium and then the lake. It was a gray day so you can't make out the lake that well.
The gala was a really good time. It started off with a cocktail hour, then awards, then dinner. After dinner, the DJ started busting out the tunes and another room opened up with Casino Pulte. When you walked into the casino, you were handed a $50 chip to play away with. We started with some Craps then headed over to the Roulette table.

The gambling lasted until 11:30, then they called everyone into another room. That is when they held the raffle and started handing out prizes. They gave away some cool stuff; trips to Boston, Chicago & NYC. Other people won I-pods & GPS systems. Lots of goodies. Bob and I really thought we were walking away empty handed this year. And that would have been just fine, because we had a great night. So we were shocked when they called his name. After the raffle a bunch of us hit the hotel bar for an hour so and that was it.

For the life of us, we could not get a good picture together that night. We tried taking several and the lighting was never right. Oh well. We had fun and that's all that matters. The people Bob works with are great. I laughed so much that night. Pulte consists of lots of young people, which leads me to this. I was in the bathroom putting on some lipstick (surprise) and there were 2 girls in there. They were talking, obviously buzzed up, and said something to this tune: "Oh my God, our teeth will probably fall out when we are like 30. That's so old." Believe me, I took no offense. I thought it was hilarious. I remember when I was in my early 20's, I too thought 30 was so old. Bob & Keith

Saturday we picked G&D up from Grandma and Papa's. I love when I get a little time away from them but I always love, more than anything, getting them back. They were so excited to see Bob and I, and they have been in the best of moods since we have picked them up. Thanks again Mom and Joe for watching them. I know they had so much fun with you guys.
So now it's time to start another week. Time to wait for the weekend again. At least I ave 42 inches of HD TV to help me through.


Mayren said...

even in the wierd lighting you can tell that you had on a killer dress! My Hubby is envious of anyone with that kind of TV. I have to admit That it would be nice to have more space in the Living room.

The Whole Self said...

congrats on the win, mama! you guys look fantastic.

Jennifer Lynn said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend and that pic of you two turned out great. You looked beautiful! Congrats on the TV you lucky bums!