Thursday, February 01, 2007

Happy February

Another month down. Another month closer to Spring.

Wednesday ended not being such a bad day, even though there was total sleep deprivation. My kids were rock stars, which always makes life easier. I pretty much was a zombie all day; I didn't leave the house, I don't even think I showered. I anticipated Grace would be a monster since she was on little sleep, but she wasn't. So it was all good. And she slept all through the night last night.

We taught Denny how to say "love you." It is so precious, music to my ears. I'll try to get it on video and post it.
This morning I skipped the gym and instead had Casey, Tracy and Mia over for coffee. I'll take that any day over working out. Mia is getting so big. She's in the 75th percentile for height and weight. Such a cutie, I wish I would have snapped a picture of her so I can share her cuteness with everyone.
Now I have to get the show on the road. I have a few donations to pick up today and a much needed trip to Target. Believe it or not, I haven't been to Target in weeks. I'm usually there at least once a week. I'm having withdrawals.


Jennifer Lynn said...

I love that first picture you posted, what a great shot. I thought about you last night and hoped that you were sleeping like a baby. Did I tell you that H2O-town is getting a Target and it opens in March. Can't wait, we have grown sooooooo much since you left. I could list them all but it would take a long time.

Kara said...

I am a Targetholic myself. I feel like if I haven't been in a few weeks, I have to look at EVERY dept. for their clearance racks. I swear all the clerks know who me and my kids are!! Glad to hear that you got better sleep last night. Here's to Friday right around the bend!!(I think I look forward to Fridays more that I stay at home with the kids than I ever did when I was working!)