Thursday, February 08, 2007

This Is Why Some Conversations Are Best Had When Sober

Tuesday night after completing the baskets, Stacia and I went over to Tracy's. We had some wine and stayed over until almost 1am. Stacia just got back from Hawaii a few weeks ago, and was telling Tracy and I about the awful flight home she had. There was turbulence that was so strong and lasted for such a long time. Nothing she had ever experienced before. To quote Stacia, (with permission, of course:)
"I was so scared I was going to die. I prayed the Rosemary with all of my heart."
Then she went on to tell us that after that she prayed to "God and Mary Megadeath."

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Jennifer Lynn said...

Love the quotes especially since I went to 13 years of Catholic school! I probably would have peed my pants had I been there!