Friday, February 09, 2007

Tiffany Has Arrived

The bracelet Bob got for me is here. It is everything I hoped for and more. On the heart he engraved GDK for the babies. So now it is really perfect and beautiful and I love it. I never want to take it off. Thank you baby. smooch.

Went to Mums group on Thursday morning. The speaker spoke about "love", since it's nearing Valentines Day. Once the speaker is over, they reserve the last hour to make a craft. It's always something different but we never stay for it. We're really not "crafty" type gals. But this week we decided to give it a try. Tracy and Linda's turned out great. Mine looks like something a 5th grader made. I still hung it up, and if you don't get too close, it doesn't look so bad. Grace also got crafty for V-day and made me this pretty pink heart.

My attempt at something purrty

Thursday afternoon I had my first of many upcoming doc appointments. Oops, I canceled it, but for good reason I swear. I heard not one, not two, but three bad "reports" about this doctor. Not from an Internet search or anything like that. I heard things from friends. I have the name of another doctor that I am calling first thing tomorrow to make an appointment.

I still had my mom come over since she was already planning on watching G&D. I went and did some errands that I've been meaning to do all week. While I was away, Denny manged to break my Mom's glasses during a full contact game of hide and seek. My mom is blind as a bat like I am. She can't see a foot in front of her w/o her specks. I felt kind of bad but those kind of things are out of your control. Add it to my bill.

I want to wish a Happy day Belated Birthday to my friend Jen
in Watertown. Stop by
her blog and send her some well wishes. It's her birthday weekend but she is sick as can be. Feel better Jen and Happy birthday! Miss you!

Friday night movie night is here again. Tonight we are watching "World Trade Center" & "The Grudge 2." No other plans but I am looking forward to this Sunday, my sleep in day.


Jennifer Lynn said...

Thank you so much for the well wishes. I'm getting there, but very slowly. I woke up this morning feeling refreshed, but was back to taking a 2 hour nap by 10am! Anyhow, we watched World Trade Center and it was awesome. Made you feel like you were there. Not that you wanted to be there. Also, love your bracelet, Bob is a keeper!

Mollie said...

*Sigh*, your bracelet is lovely and perfect. I love Tiffany and her robin-egg blue boxes. You could give me a pile pooh, but as long as it came in the robin-egg blue box, I would think it was fancy.

I like your arts and crafts handy work, grace's too.