Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Night Light Love

Grace has her set routine before bed. First of all, she sleeps with her light on and door wide open every night. We put an energy saver light in her room b/c of this. It's been 6 months and she will freak out if you turn it off or shut the door.
After we tuck her in and give her kisses, this is what she says to Bob and I before we leave her room, EVERY NIGHT...
Grace: Tomorrow it get sunny out and then we'll play & watch cartoons.
Grace: I'll never leave you.
Grace: Denny's not crying.
Grace: You leave the door open & light on.
Grace: I love you.
Grace: I'm gonna hear you guys & the TV.
Grace: I'm gonna dream of princesses & Denny's gonna dream of Batman.

Bob and I stand there over her bed and nod our heads and smile. It's the same each night, although she just added the dream scenario about a week ago. Sweetness from my gal. I am happy to announce that she finally has turned off the lights at bedtime and now uses a night light. A princess one of course.
Last Friday we started dance class for G. I didn't take any pics, but imaging G in a pink leotard/tutu, with pink tights and a bun. She was beautiful. Even better, she jumped right into the class, talked to the other girls and shook her bootie. It was awesome. I loved every second of it. And to add to the goodness, Denny was watching G and the other girls with the biggest smile on his face. He was laughing so loud and proud as he watched his big sis.

Last night me and some of the girls went over Tracy's and sat out in her patio and drank some wine, enjoying the nice spring night. It's been beautiful here the past few days.

So I went into my freezer to see what I can make for dinner tonight, and here's what I find:

Duck anyone?

Happy Hump Day!


Jennifer Lynn said...

Great story to get me through my afternoon, love it!

You should video a little of her class to post, I'd love to see it!

Mollie said...

Awesome! I can't wait to see tutu pictures. A great book to read to accompany ballet is "Dolores on her Toes". It is the cutest book & ties into ballet nicely.

Kara said...

I love to see the girls in ballet. Chloe took three years(this year did b-ball instead) and this is Janey's 1st year. She is taking from the same teacher that I had for 16 years. We read lots of books on dancing and ballet. Our favorites are "Tessa's Tip-Tappin' Toes.", "All Tutus Should be Pink" "Ballerina" by Peter Sis,and of course the Angelina Ballerina Seris. I am sure Grace would love them.

Carie said...

AWWW Soooo cute!!
Wow Grace is so took Emma years to progress to the night light...and now she still has her door open with the hall light on!!!

The Whole Self said...

sweetness. loved this.

Kara said...

Hey, I don't know if you watch the today show or not, but just thought i would let you know that stevie nicks is going to perform on there tomorrow.

jenica said...

haha! loved the nighttime routine. it's almost exactly what elaisha says every night too! we also always go over what was their favorite thing of the day and the worst of the day. while Elaisha usually says the very last thing we did, Freeman has been known to reply, "blue." alright buddy. i love little people!

Jennifer said...

LOL! Love the ducks! Maybe she wanted them for dinner?