Friday, March 30, 2007


Has anyone seen this show, Take Home Chef on TLC?

If not, let me break it down for you real quick. Curtis, a chef with a killer Australian accent, goes to a supermarket and "picks up" someone. He approaches a shopper and asks them who they are cooking for. Then he asks if he can come back to their house and cook them & their special someone an extraordinary meal. If you say yes to Curtis, he pays for all of your groceries. Then you spend the day with him, cooking and drinking, waiting to surprise whoever you are cooking for.

This show cracks me up for a few reasons. All the people that Curtis picks to "take home" are good looking women. I know it's television and God forbid an ugly appears on the screen, but let's get real. If you catch me in the grocery store, you'd be lucky if my hair was brushed. I swear, I've seen this show at least 20 times and I have never seen Curtis cook with a man or an un-attractive woman.

I'm not turning this into one of my feminist rants by any means. I watch Take Home Chef almost every day. I enjoy cooking shows, tall Australian men and awkward moments, so this has it all. Plus they usually get nice and drunk while they are cooking, which makes for even better TV.


Thank you Kara for the heads up about Stevie on the Today show. You know I'llbe watching!


Jennifer Lynn said...

I'll have to check it out, it is a good combo, I love cooking shows and I love that network!
Have a great weekend with your fam.

Kara said...

What time is this show on? I will have to watch. I love me a cooking show!! i hope you got to watch Stevie this morning. Her new album sounds good. Oldies but goodies.

Mayren said...

totally need to catch this show.. thanks for the heads up.. i think it's crap that he only takes home the hot chicks but you'd have no problem bringing him home with you. *smile*

Carie said...

I have totally seen it. I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE TLC. He looks like JAx from GH. It is very funny, but Yes...HAS to be staged!!!!

jenica said...

that's so funny. all of the grocery stores that i go to are mostly filled with men picking up feminine products for their poor cramping women... "um, i don't think you're cooking tonight.." "no, we're ordering pizza, chinese, and other bloating foods."

Anonymous said...

I need cable.

Mayren said...

i just took a double take. He DOES sorta look like Jax from GH. I havn't even watched GH in a million years but Jax is too hott to forget. Does this "Stevie" have an australian accent too?

N.Smay said...

That's so funny... I just found this show recently and am completely addicted! There was one episode where he picked up a little Aussie woman with long blonde hair and it was almost uncomfortable to watch because I really thought they were going to drop and go for it on the kitchen floor -- so much Aussie chemistry!