Thursday, March 01, 2007

Relaxing Bath

I have been craving a hot bubble bath all day long. I actually haven't taken one all week, and these old bones were aching. So at 7:30, Denny was about to go to bed and Grace was playing in her "princess world." So I headed up to my bedroom where the BIG, DEEP tub is. The one I begged and pleaded for when we remodeled the upstairs.
I got the water going and the bubbles were foaming up perfectly. I laid down in the tub, cracked open the first page of "The Devil Wears Prada," and took a nice deep breathe. I was so relaxed, it felt amazing. As I began the second sentence of my book, I heard the patter of footsteps coming up the steps. Then I see Grace's big smiling face, hands filled with all her doctor kit accessories. "Ready for your check up Momma!!" I guess she must have gotten past my security. Normally in this situation I would scream downstairs for said security to come and bounce this girl out of my "15 minutes." But damn, she looked so cute and excited, that I didn't have the heart to make her leave me alone. Instead, I closed my book, got my checkup and had one of the best conversations I have ever had.


Jennifer Lynn said...

Love this story and I could see Grace lookng so darn cute in my head. So how was the checkup are you all set?

Mayren said...

Sometimes kids just melt you... whatcha gonna do? Please keep us posted on your review of "The Devil Wore Prada". I've heard mixed things about the book. I love and own the movie because anything Ann Hathaway is good in my world.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I loved Devil (book form; haven't seen the flick yet), so when you get to it, really have fun with it.

Those stolen moments, the ones we don't expect, are the ones that make parenting (and motherhood) so amazing, aren't they?

Jennifer said...

LOL! You are WAY nicer than me. But then, I lock the door. Sounds like my house.

I liked Devil Wears Prada, but it seemed to peter out at the end.

Jennifer said...

BTW, I e-mailed you to let you know that I posted the Won Ton soup recipe on my blog, but it bounced back.