Saturday, March 03, 2007

Sydney Grace

Grace holding the newest addition to our family, Sydney

The monkeys, my momma, me & Sydney

Last month I mentioned that my cousin Maggie had a baby girl. Friday morning I had the pleasure of finally meeting the little angel. Sydnie Grace is her name and she is perfect. She is 7 weeks old now and has the biggest, most kissable cheeks. Take a look for yourself:

Sydney was asleep for majority of the visit, but she did wake up right when we were leaving. Then I had to get the camera out and take a dozen more pictures. Grace was excited to hold the baby, but other than that, she was more interested in Sydney's toys. Denny did what Denny does best; he stared and stared.

After our visit we went out to lunch at Max & Erma's. The best part of lunch was the all you can eat, make your own sundae bar. Grace ate every piece of mac & cheese, bread and fruit salad on her plate so she could have dessert. When we walked over to the sundae bar, she literally jumped for joy. She even made a sundae for Denny, and as she put it, it was "the prettiest sundae ever."

Friday night movie night we watched "School for Scoundrels." It was okay. Funny, but not gut busting funny. We also have "Flags of our Fathers," but didn't have time to watch that one yet.
I've heard lots of good things about it though. Tonight we are going to the Cavs game with our neighbors. We are close to the floor so watch the game and you may just see us on TV. GO CAVS!

Grandma Pumpkin & Grace


Jennifer Lynn said...

That restaurant sounds like a super fun place. Have a great time at the game!

The Whole Self said...

holy cheeks! i would've eaten them off, for sure.

Moya said...

Good post.