Thursday, April 05, 2007

Bob's Mom's birthday was this past weekend. We had a little celebration for her, thankfully on a day where the weather was beautiful (today it is snowing here.)
Grace was so excited for her Grandma's birthday. She talked about it for days, and wrapped up little goodies in her room that she thought Grandma would like. It melts my heart that she cares so much about other people at such a young age.

Birthday Kisses

The kids & GMA

Grandma Debbie & Papa Joe w/ the Babes

Wednesday night we took the kids to the mall to see the Easter bunny. I am way behind on all the pre-Easter happenings this year. I have no excuses, I guess I am just plain old being lazy. The meeting with the bunny didn't go as planned, as it never does. That is what I love about G&D. No matter how much you prepare for something, it doesn't matter. I'll scan the picture today and post it this weekend.
While at the mall I stopped in the bookstore to get "Driving With Dead People." The book isn't out in paperback yet and I couldn't get myself to pay almost $30 for it. I looked for it at the library last week but there is only 1 copy and a long, long wait for it. I didn't leave the bookstore empty handed though. In the bargain books section I found "Good Grief." Click to read what it's about. Again, my laziness is preventing me from writing it myself.


Jennifer Lynn said...

Bob's mom looks super young and healthy! I love that Grace is such a caring little girl, way to go Mom you are doing something right!

Mayren said...

Aww! your Kiddos are too cool.
I dig the way you can watch kids form their personalities and become really cool little people.
Children amaze me.

The Whole Self said...

your MIL is gorgeous!

sounds like things are going well...we don't dare to even attempt the big bunny- you guys are brave!