Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Quick Pics

First off, sorry bloggin' buds for the serious lack of pictures and videos lately. Our desk top has been down, and that's where all the pictures, video hook-ups and scanner goodies are. Bob worked for hours tonight and got everything up and running again.

We have been full of lots of friends and family in the past couple of weeks, and it has been awesome. Therefore, I have so many fabulous pictures to share on here. I'll upload them tomorrow and get them posted. Until then, here are a few pics from mid-March.

Good news; my biopsy results came in and my moles are B-9. Yay! This summer I will be pale ale as I plan to cover myself in sun-block at all times.
Other goodness, we are re-doing out kitchen. It's the only room left in the house that has not been touched. And let me tell you, it needs some touching. We're doing it all...New cabinets, floor, counter top, paint. It will be nice.
I am so sad that our Buckeyes lost the National Championship game. What a bummer, and we had to lose to Florida again?! Stinkin' gators.


Anonymous said...

FUCK YEAH! (sorry about the cursing but no cancer deserves it!) I'm so happy and relieved for you. I'm sending you and Carie an email, but I'll be in Cleveland for one night only on April 24th. It'll be a work event, but you guys can come and get free food and booze.
Oh I'm just so happy for you and your B-9 moles!

Jennifer Lynn said...

Let me just share with you that you need to remember the word "patience" while remodeling your kitchen. I didn't always follow my own advice. As you know we did ours this past fall and it was a long messy process, BUT with such great results. So when in doubt just leave the room and go out to eat. I can't wait to see some before and after shots.

Tara said...

Great news...don't worry, I never tan, I rust...we can be pale blogging buddies :)