Thursday, April 26, 2007


Wednesday our new counter top arrived. Let me tell you, it is gorgeous. Bob picked everything out for the kitchen. He was in charge of it all. He picked the cabinets, the floor & the counter top. It has all come together so perfectly. My man has some good taste. This week we also made our first trip to the Zoo. G&D loved it, they are really into it this year. It was great because it wasn't crowded at all, so we were up close and personal with all of the animals. I loved it too. It was nice having a few hours out in the sun, and no one is crying, no one is fighting. It was a good day. Here are some pictures from our trip.

This weekend is all kitchen business. We are painting and putting in the back splash. Each day we are a step closer to being done.
Today my mom came over for a little and a went to the library. I picked up Dear John, by Nicholas Sparks. I'm only 2 chapters in but I can already tell it's a book that I'm not going to be able to put down.
Update on Denny's bed situation. He is (knock on wood) doing really well. So far he has slept all night in his bed (with the exception of falling out a few times, but we just go in and put him back up.) He even went in his bed and napped today for an hour. He does get up early now in the morning when he hears Grace, but I figured his sleeping until 9am wouldn't last forever.
I'm proud of my little bean. Only 2 1/2 weeks till his birthday!


Carie said...

you gotta read Momentum is your Friend...I cant remember who wrote it though..I will find out. I just started its GREAT!!

Anonymous said...

Your kids are so freakin' cute! I can't wait to meet them.

Jennifer Lynn said...

I can't wait to see new pics of the kitchen project. We can't wait to get Seth to the zoo too, if the weather can staighten up. It is finally spring, but a rainy one now! Have a great weekend and take some kitchen shots please!

Kara said...

After you read Dear John, check out Sam's Letters to Jennifer by James Patterson. It is a simple read, but a real tear-jerker. Glad to hear Denny is being such an awesome little man in his big boy bed. since you get into a whole lotta zoos w/your membership for the Cleveland Zoo, you and Mollie and I should all meet up at the Columbus Zoo with the kids.

Tara said...

Awwww! Love those photos!