Monday, April 09, 2007


Kisses for the Snowbunny

I guess there were a couple of things that Grace expected on Easter morning. One, that she would actually see the bunny sometime during the night. Second, when she woke up Sunday morning, her basket would be in her line of vision. When Bob and I went into her room Easter morning, she was almost in tears. She said "he didn't come. The bunny didn't come." We explained to her that he did indeed come, but he hides the baskets. Then we went and woke up Denny and the kids went searching through the house for their goodies.

G&D were in heaven. A breakfast full of chocolate bunnies and jelly beans. After they were all sugared up, we braved the cold and snow and met Tracy and her kids at church. Then it was nap time before we went to my Mom & Dave's for dinner. The dinner was amazing, as it always is.

I hope you all had a Happy Easter!

Diggin' in

Easter egg hunt at Grandma Pumkin's


Jennifer Lynn said...

Your kids must be at such a great age for all of these holidays. They must just eat it all up, literally too!

We are praying for some spring here soon too, this snow is just too much for too long. We need a break!

jenica said...

love the snow bunny! i typically make a snow animal every year and dye it with food coloring and a squirt bottle. so stinkin' cute!

poor grace. i'm sure that she had a blast once she figured it out!


Mollie said...

That is too precious for words! Maggie couldn't care less about the Easter Bunny or the treats. I had to make her look for eggs. Once she got the hang of it, she was a cutie bootie.

Georgia said...

A Snow Bunny how perfect!!!

Your kids are adorable, just so you know. :)