Thursday, May 10, 2007


Today was the last MUMS group until September. I am seriously bummed out about it, but today Tracy's sis-in-law had a good idea. During the summer, the 3 of us will hold our own MUMS group once a month at each others houses. I love it.
For some reason today was super emotional. During the final prayer, I started crying and couldn't stop. Then when I was walking back to the day care with Tracy and Linda, I mentioned that I finally had a dream about Mike the other night (this is the first time he's been in my dreams since he passed.) That got the water works going for all 3 of us. Then I am feeling like an ass b/c I am being consoled by Mike's wife and sister. I don't know, it's been almost 6 months since he has passed, and the pain of his passing is not going away. How could something that happened last November still not feel real?
I can't even really tell you what the speaker today talked about. I was in my own little world and couldn't focus on her. I just want Tracy and the kids to be okay. I want Mike's sister and brother to find peace. I want my heart to stop feeling so heavy, but I never ever want to forget what a wonderful person he was.


The Whole Self said...

oh hun, i'm so sorry. sending hugs and good thoughts your way. sounds like you have a great group of women surrounding you...i think continuing your own group sounds freakin' amazing. xx

Mollie said...

babe, you're such a wonderful caring friend. I'm sorry you had such a rough day. I think Tracy and the kids are so lucky to have you in their life.

Jennifer Lynn said...

You've got my tears flowing. I think that knowing Tracy has such a wonderful friend in you and Bob, that will help you find peace with Mike's passing. He is looking down knowing that they are well take care of!

Jennifer Lynn said...

Is everything OK? You haven't posted much lately and I miss hearing from you!