Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Last week we were supposed to go on a train ride, but never made it. So today we kept our promise to G&D and went on a 2 hour excursion through the Cuyohoga Valley National Park. It was nice, a little boring, but still something different to do. I think in the fall it would be a beautiful ride. Grace and D did great though. D was definitely getting antsy towards the end; we pushed him to the limit with out a doubt.
I finally made it to the library for some more summer reading. I have been without a book for over 2 weeks now. I picked The Memory Keepers Daughter and plan on login' in some book time this evening. It's finally cooled down here so I can sit outside and read without melting away.
This weekend is the Kenny Chesney concert at Browns stadium! I can not wait! I bought the tickets forever ago and I am so happy it is finally here. I am going with Tracy, Becky, Pete, Chris and one more to be determined. My darling husband is sitting this one out and spending the day and evening with the kids. It's an all day event, starting around 2pm and ending after midnight. I just hope I can make it that long.


Jennifer Lynn said...

It sounds like your family is having as great of a summer as ours is. The time just keeps slipping by with all the fun things to do. We are going to see Toby Keith in August. Have fun at Kenny!

Mollie said...

That train sounds great! Although I don't know if Maggie could hang on for 2 hrs. I wish we lived closer.

Kara said...

We are taking the kids in the fall on the Hocking Valley Scenic Railway. Nolan has an obsession with trains and frankly anything that moves(cars, tractors, trucks, planes)We might be taking them to the Dayton Air Show next weekend too.Glad to hear you are having a fun summer so far. BTW, The Memory Keeper's Daughter was a good book. I have been on the wait list for Eat Pray Love for months!I would also recommend the books by Emily Giffen. Read 'Something Borrowed' first, then 'Something Blue'. They are great books that I read in no time and was sad when I finished them!Sorry this is so long. I think I am longing for adult conversation!