Monday, July 09, 2007


D on the slip & slide at the reunion

We had one of those weekends where you are sad to see end. It overflowed with family, good friends and lots of laughter. The perfect mix.
Saturday was a family reunion and I was excited to meet some of Bob's family who I haven't met yet. After being a couple for 12 years, there weren't too many, but still a few. It was also nice catching up with those out-of-towners who we only see every few years.

G at the pool on Sunday

Then we were off to Becky and Pete's for their 2nd annual cornhole tournament. We'd been looking forward to this day for months now. Bob's mom and Joe were brave and kind enough to let G&D stay with them at the reunion and sleep over, so Bob and I had some kid-free time.

Pete & Becky always throw the best parties. This time was no exception. I think we ended up playing 4 tournaments. Pete won the first one, then Bob won a couple. It was nice coming home on Sunday with more money then we came with! After the kids got dropped off, we headed to the pool for some relief of the 95 degree heat.

Bob & Amy after a win

Pete & I don't know her name, but she was so sweet

Thanks again Gma Debbie and Papa Joe for babysitting. And thanks Pete & Beck for a great time!


jenica said...

way fun. i LUV family gatherings and kiddie sleepovers. ;-D

Jennifer Lynn said...

We have texas horseshoes and ladder golf and now Ro wants to get cornhole. He is starting to become a game freak! I'm so happy that you had a great weekend.

TI Park is over on Wellsely Island and it is a little cottage community set in old times basically. There is one restaurant, one little store and not too much else. They have an old fashioned playground. It is awesome, so simple and relaxed!

Kara said...

sounds like you had a great weekend. i was dreading the end of the weekend too this week. o'well, good thing about weekends is that there is always another! Have a good week.

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