Sunday, August 05, 2007


Today Grace was looking at some of me and Bob's wedding pictures.
She asked me why she wasn't at the wedding, and then proceeded to ask who was watching her that day. I told her that she wasn't born yet. Grace then, of course, wanted to know why not.
So I told her "Daddy and I didn't make you until after we were married."
Her response..."How did you and Daddy make me?"
My response..."Why don't you go ask Daddy that one honey."
Yes, I tried to get out of that one b/c I was not prepared for this question yet. I thought I had a good 5 years or so before this one was popped on me.
Grace would not let it go, and said I had to answer her. So I told her "Daddy and I made you through our love. We loved each other so much that God put you inside my belly."

How would you respond?


Mollie said...

Fantastic answer! For the age, I think you did a great job.

Jennifer Lynn said...

Great response, I'll steal that one in the future!

jenica said...

i think that's the perfect answer. my husband's ggma told him that when you want a baby all you have to do is pray... might have kept him out of trouble, but...