Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Last Saturday, Grace was in a fashion show at Toys 'R Us. We were in there a couple of weeks before and the cashiers were asking all the parents if their kids wanted to be in the back to school show. Before I could say "no thanks," Grace was like "Oh yes, I would love to." So there we had it. Because even though the cashier was asking me, Grace heard and took it upon herself to make the decision. She does wear the pants around here, I'll admit it.

So I let her pick out her outfit and she strolled down the cat walk looking adorable. Denny wanted nothing to do with it, other than lay (literally) on the floor and look at all the girls.

Both Grandma's came out and Papa Joe. Grace did great. She was a bit shy, but who wouldn't be with all these strangers staring at you. Then later she told me it made her so happy when people clapped for her.

Other than that, we've kinda been stuck in the house because it's been raining for 3 days. Monday we went to Chunk E Cheese for a couple hours just to get out. Last night I re-stocked on glue, construction paper and crayons so we could have something to do today. I can't wait for this weather to break so we can get back outside for the last weeks of summer.


Anonymous said...

That is so cute. She' s going to be on stage for sure.

Jennifer Lynn said...

She looked so natural. Better her then me, I have terrible stage fright! I break out with a serious rash!

Carie said...

Good, when Grace is famous, I can say that I knew her!! hee hee
She is cute!!