Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Chantix day 16
Oh, what is it with drinking and smoking. They go hand in hand. I got over the coffee and smoking thing, I got over the driving and smoking thing. I have the hardest time with drinking and smoking. It is nearly impossible. I can't do it. Some nights after the kids go to bed, I want to have a couple of beers with Bob and relax in the glory of silence. Now, what am I to do

So I screwed up and had a ciggy. I had a few brewskies in me and lit up. I'm an idiot. But all is not lost. I am getting right back on track, I am not giving up or giving in. I am still dedicated to quitting and continuing with Chantix.
I sit here writing this and feel like I cheated on someone or something. There have been so many wonderful, encouraging and helpful comments that I've received. I discovered a whole other blog world of people doing the Chantix thing. I read them all religiously, it's almost like an on-line support group. Everyone seems to be kicking butt, and then there's me. I'm sorry I'm so weak, but like I said, I am gonna keep trying. I will do this. Promise.


maggie's mind said...

Amanda, you are back on track, and that's what counts. I will tell you that every time I have quit in the past, there has been alcohol involved in starting smoking again. Once I went over a year smoke-free. This time through, I've been very cautious about alcohol. In fact, I can tell you with certainty that I've only had a little less than a glass of wine since quitting because I know how I am. Lots of folks find a way to do both and make it through, and at some point I know I can do that again, too, but this one gets a lot of us if the timing isn't right.

Getting immediately right back on track like you are is the best thing you can do, in my opinion. You smoked, and now you are re-committed to not smoking with some new information about you and beer and not smoking with some things to consider. You can still do this - just keep going!

exsmoker mom said...

Forgive yourself and move on! You can do this!

I had to go through the weekend with 70 of our closest friends all drinking and I didn't touch a drop of alcohol because I didn't trust myself. You know what? I probably had more fun laughing at all of them for a change!

You might have to change your routine for a while and just eliminate alcohol until you feel more confident. Or, try just one beer and see if you can go without smoking. The next time, try two beers.

Keep your eye on the prize and remember...we want to be around to watch our kids graduate!

John said...

Hi Amanda,

I read your post and I can relate. I'm a very weak addict, and, believe me... there is no way I could quit smoking cigarettes if I still drank alcohol.

I'm an alcoholic, and, it's just not going to happen.

In fact, back in the days when I drank and smoke, I used to tell my friends that I'd have to give up alcohol to quit smoking. And, back in those days, I didn't believe I'd ever stop drinking, so, it was a pretty glum hopeless situation.

One thing I have learned, though, from my many failures at various things is that it's important not to beat the hell out of yourself when you fail at something. It just doesn't do any good.

Now, there has been a lot of chatter about chantix being used to treat alcoholism...

Now, this isn't to suggest in any way shape or form that you are an alcoholic. I can tell by reading the content of your post that you do not drink in an excessive way... but, the idea is that alcohol, perhaps, will lessen the desire for people to drink......

In your case, apparently not :)

Anyway, I'm glad Amanda that you're putting the ciggy slip behind you. In the first week of my Chantix quit I took a few puffs, and, I put it behind me, and, I'm now at about 90 days or so...

so, it's all good.

I meant this post to be respectful, so, I hope there is no offense taken at anything. I try to be candid, and, sometimes candor can be taken the wrong way.

take care,

Mollie said...

You're doing a great job. You didn't give up! Way to go!