Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Last night I could not sleep. I went up to bed at 10pm to watch The Hills so Bob could watch football on the big-ass TV in high def. Then I watched some random stuff for an hour or so and called it a night. That's when the tossing and turning started and didn't stop until at least 2am. Isn't that the worst feeling in the world...not being able to fall asleep? When I finally did fall asleep, I kept waking up.
So 8am rolls around and mama needs some coffee. Even though I am only on a few hours of sleep, I am strangely excited to get up because I bought some new, fancy, delicious brew that I could not wait to try. I bust open the new bag and what do I find? WHOLE BEANS! Which would be flippin' fabulous if I had a coffee grinder, but I don't. I could drive down the street to my mom's house and use hers, but Denny was still sleeping and it's pouring rain outside.
Somehow I made it an hour without caffeine. Then I put the kids rain coats on to head to Target and buy the new Kenny Chesney CD and more importantly, hit the Starbucks that's inside.
From 9am on, it turned out to be a wonderful day. I had my vanilla latte, new Chesney CD and my little one's got to splash in the puddles and play. Plus, they got a new play-dough set at Target and sat together in the kitchen for 2 whole hours playing with it. No arguing or anything. It was beautiful. As is the new Kenny CD, which totally rocks!


Kara said...

I can't stand tossing and turning! I am with you this week with the no sleep because Tom is out of town and I can't sleep when he isn't here. I hope you were able to sleep a little better last night!

The Whole Self said...

sounds like a good morning...

i'm a coffee junkie, too mama! can't live without it. really.

i really love that picture of the kids...it's a framer!

Jennifer Lynn said...

I deleted your email before replying by mistake this morning, but I summed it up in my post today. I'm just annoyed, but I'm glad that you watch and we can chat about it. I loved this season, but it was hard not thinking of last season with the All Stars, they were the best!

mollie said...

Sometimes a rainy morning with good coffee and music is the best. Playdoh is a huge hit in our house as well. I want to get the barber shop they had back in the 80's but can't find it anywhere. Sigh!