Wednesday, September 05, 2007


My wild little boy

We had the best holiday weekend. Good friends, good family, good times.
Usually labor day isn't a time i celebrate. I dig fall, but I always get a bit sad saying goodbye to summer.We did Oktoberfst this weekend. It was a waste of money and time, as most of the event was focused on beer. Bob and I weren't drinking, so we just kinda walked around and let the kids people watch. Me and Grace did do a little dancing to the German band, so that part was fun.
We also went to the Air Show. Denny was in heaven. I had no idea he would love it as much as he did. Stupid me forgot the camera. Denny was literally spitting on himself he was so excited. That may not sound cute to a lot of you, but it really was.
Sunday I made it out to a new club downtown on the water, CYRUS, to celebrate Carie and Judie's b/days. The Websters were playing so the dance party was in full effect.

Jess, Me and b/day girl Carie

The best was yet to come when Pete and Becky came over on Monday. I finally saw her engagement ring and it is GORGEOUS! Love it and I am so excited for the wedding next June. We played some cornhole to prepare for the tournament that we are having this weekend.
I'm feeling super blessed lately with all the people who are in my life.


Jennifer Lynn said...

I agree with you the end of the summer is quite sad. I like fall too, but NOT winter! We can bypass it altogether.

Tara said...

I'm with you both...let's forget the winter!