Monday, November 26, 2007


You have to love Usher's big mug in the last picture.
Anyway, I am still coming down from the T-day, long weekend high. Today was like a shock to my system, trying to manage the kids and the pup without Bob.
Our puppy has serious issues when we leave the house. He cries the entire time and gets himself so worked up that he has poop shoot riots (as
Nina would put it.) So when we get home, we have ourselves an upset Archie and a kennel filled with shit.
Then we have to take apart the kennel and clean it outside, give the dog a bath and then clean whatever blankets were in the kennel. Oh, it's a good time. I always look forward to getting home to it everyday. I wish the kids were just a little bit older so they could do it :)
Then I see his cute little furry face and I think, it's all worth it. Just a stage and it will pass.


Mollie said...

You know I used to dog-sit a GR and I want to say she had the same problem when her owner left the house. Well maybe not the poopy part, but the crying for sure. I can't remember how she helped her, but I think you're's a phase. Sorry, but sounds like a fantastic holiday.

Jennifer Lynn said...

I love that you love the holidays now, you are a totally different gal! Kudos to you!

Also, I'll try and video the commercial and post it when the time comes so you guys can see the little man in action.

Mayren said...

I love the In-air action shots! great captures!

Carie said...

looks like fun!! You have to post more pics of the pup

Tara said...

Cool action shots :)