Monday, December 03, 2007


The piece of Earth where Mike passed

I really struggled with weather or not this was something I should post on my blog. It's all engraved in my mind and the only reason I took pictures was because Tracy asked me to.
This is about as personal as I will ever get here.
I want to share it though b/c I know if you are reading this, you'll appreciate the sacredness of it all.

Mike's little brother Russ made this and hung it on a tree near where Mike was

I don't intend for this to be a "sad" post because finally, after 1 year, I do feel peace with Mike's passing. And way more importantly, Tracy is finding peace.

I want to share these pictures and I think Tracy would want me too also.

On a Sunday afternoon a few weeks ago, I went with Tracy to the woods were Mike passed. It was one day before the 1 year "anniversary" of his passing.
The owner of the property was one of Mike's best friends. His name is Fritz.
Fritz showed us around the woods. We came to the tree where Mike spent his last hours, perched on his tree stand waiting for deer.
The marks from Mike's stand are still engraved in the tree.

Fritz will not let any other person, any other hunter, go in that tree. Here is a picture of it. Mike's Dad made the cross that hangs from it.

A few feet ahead was another beautiful tree and infront of it was where Mike fell to the ground and took his last breaths.

A couple of things happened in those woods while we were there that were nothing short of amazing. In my head, all I was thinking was "Are you EFF-IN SERIOUS.?" Did anyone else see and hear it? "
We had an hour drive home and once we all composed ourselves, someone was brave enough to ask...

And yes,
We all saw it.
We all heard it...

Thank you Mike for so warmly welcoming us to you'r land.
You made us cry there. You made us smile there.
You'r presence was felt and next time,
you don't need to be so damn dramatic.
Love you Mike and thank you.
~`On a side note, there is a song called "The One You Knew" from Josh Radin. That's where I borrowed the title of this post from. Check out the song if you can.


Mollie said...

I must admit, I'm intrigued on what happened. Please dish if you feel comfortable.

You are an incredibly loving soul. I can't imagine how hard that must have been for you and Tracy.

I'm glad you feel at peace.

Kara said...

I have to say that I am curious of what happened as well. You are a brave and strong person and so is Tracy. I hope you both continue to heal.

Carie said...

Amanda, Tracy and you are so amazing to go here and let your emotions take you over. I never knew that this existed and it does make me feel a little more at peace as well, knowing it does. I know that Mike is watching out for both of you and will continue to be a guardian angel.