Thursday, December 13, 2007


Archie and I are taking a Puppy/Adult basics class together. We need it. If I am going to enjoy this little pup at all, we need to set some boundaries. I will be honest...he has been more of a burden to me than an enjoyable, sweet pup. The only time I get to spend "good" time with him is at 10pm after the kids are asleep but by then he is exhausted as am I.
For example, the majority of Denny's shirts are all torn up from the dog. This happens not when D's shirts are on the floor, but while he is wearing them.
Most of Grace's barbies are now missing a foot, hand, or other body part.
I feel like I spend my entire day screaming at someone, weather it is G, D or Archie.

So we did some research and found Christie at Hand in Paw. She's been voted one of the best trainers in the Cleveland area for a few years in a row. I'm not looking for Super-Dog here by any means, I know it's a dog. I just want some advice and training so we can all live together and enjoy one another.
So wish me and the Arch man luck as we embark on this journey.


Jennifer Lynn said...

Good luck! I should have done that with Rocky years ago, then maybe he wouldn't poop in the house and eat it! YEP, he really does that. It is the grossed thing ever!

Kara said...

So sorry you are having problems with the pup. But those are the exact reasons why we haven't given in and gotten a dog! I don't care for cats, but it makes me wish Tom wasn't allergic so we could get the kids a cat rather than a dog, They are just easier! Good luck!!

Mayren said...

Good Luck! New puppys are always a challenge.