Friday, December 14, 2007


We finally put our tree up on Wednesday night. We have an artificial one and that's totally cool with me. Bob had a great idea though the other night. He set the tree up outside in the backyard and told the kids we were going out to pick our tree. It was so cute and G&D were so excited to go out in the dark and find "their" Christmas tree.
Denny and Bob cut it down and then we all carried it into the house to decorate. Archie thinks it is one big chew toy, placed in the living room for his pleasure only.
So now I think we are all set for Christmas. I finished the cards last night and will send those out this weekend. I have a couple more things to buy and that's all folks. We just sit back, relax and wait for Santa to arrive.


Mollie said...

what a great idea! Hope you guys are staying warm and bundeled for this storm.

Mayren said...

you always come up with the cutest ideas for your kiddos. super sweet post thank you!

Jennifer Lynn said...

I love that you love Christmas now! Do you happen to still have the ornament I bought you years back??