Tuesday, December 04, 2007


To all my friends, family and bloggin' buddies,

If you don't see or hear from me for a while, it's not b/c of a lack of love.
I am fine and am not being held hostage against my will.

You see, my hubby came home Monday evening with this early x-mas gift for us.

So anyone who wants to come on over and play, you are more than welcome. But I am not going to be leaving the house for a long time. I have even thought about having a catheter put in so I can eliminate all bathroom breaks.

Don't worry, the kids will be fine. I have pre-made meals all ready and I taught them how to pour their own milk and water. The dog will be okay also, we trained him to let himself out.

Happy holidays!


Jennifer Lynn said...

I have tried to play that and I basically SUCK! I am not quick enought and it is down right embarrassing! Have fun!

Carie said...

This is so you!!! You seriously will not ever leave the house!!!